Find out about your options for a fence installation project in Weatherford, TX

A well-built fence increases your property's curb appeal. It can also provide privacy and keep unwanted visitors off of your property. You can rely on Clark Custom Roofing LLC for fence installation services in Weatherford, TX. We can install a metal fence, or you can opt for a classic cedar picket wood fence.

We can also pressure wash, stain, or add panels to your existing fence. Reach out to our team right away for details about our fence services.

Choose the right fencing material for your needs

Many homeowners have a hard time choosing between metal or wood fencing. Either fence can look exactly right on your property. You might choose a metal or wood fence for:

  • Durability: A metal fence won't warp or rot, while a wood fence can.
  • Adaptability: A metal fence can't be stained or painted, while a wood fence can be.
  • Maintainability: A metal fence won't need much maintenance or repairs, while a wood fence might.

Additionally, you might want a certain style to suit your building, like wrought iron for a traditional home. Contact us now to plan your fence installation project.