Prompt roof repairs will protect your home in Weatherford, TX

When your roof has minor damage, it's no longer the airtight, waterproof barrier that your house needs. It's vulnerable to more roof damage if any wind, hail, rain, or debris reaches the damaged area. That's why it's important to complete roof repairs quickly.

You can call Clark Custom Roofing LLC for roof repair services in Weatherford, TX. We'll inspect and tarp your roof for free and begin repairing it quickly. Call 817-797-9080 now to talk to an experienced roofer.

Working with your insurance company can be overwhelming

When you're dealing with roof damage, negotiating with your insurance company might be more than you're ready to handle. We can help by talking to your insurance adjuster when they visit your property, negotiating with them, and keeping you fully informed. Get in touch with our team right away for assistance with your roof damage and insurance claim.